Koalabi Repellent Spray

    Koalabi Repellent Spray

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      Whether you decide to wear your uggs inside or outside, this Repellent will protect your boots from cooking oil, dirt or water. Just spray your boots, allow 10 min to dry and wear them away!

      Koalabi Water & Oil Repellent spray is environmentally friendly and biodegradable it has a dispersion of a fluorocarbon resin which adds value to delicate, high quality articles, particularly double face sheepskin, by protecting them from the effects of water, dirt and substances containing fats and oils. It has little or no effect on the colour or on the nap of suedes, nubuck or double face sheepskin. Specifically formulated to protect all sheepskin boots in harsh weather conditions or after you have washed them.

      It provides a breathable layer of protection against water, snow dirt and stains that keeps these elements on the surface where they can be easily wiped away. Your Sheepskin Boots are not weather proof so you will need to weather proof them by Koalabi Water & Oil Repellent spray. Weather proofing your sheepskin boots will increase their life.

      Size: 125ml